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We focus on top talent hiring developers who have experience in all areas of app & website development. Not just programing.

Dual Success

We have to believe that your product will make it on the market otherwise we won’t accept it. Building on our clients success is important to us.

Customer service

Before a single line of code is written we keep a close liaison with our client to ensure we create a great product


Polygon Attraction
Love creating

Polygon Attraction founder Oliver Dixon as been creating apps and websites for over 15 years.

He created the first food menu website in his town known as PizzaPiatto.com at the age of 15.

His first game reached over half a million downloads on Google Play.

Polygon Attraction was born out of a passion for making apps and websites. Our aim is to offer high quality products to our clients that we can feel proud of.

  • Before the app boom

    Years of experience

  • Passion for service

    High quality or no product

  • Safe

    Quality assured products


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